Sunday, June 27, 2010

Skaneateles artist, Jan Fairhurst will be appearing on Sunday, July 11th during the Lavender Festival.

I've been making and selling stoneware pottery for the last 15 years using the old kick wheel my father bought me 30 years ago to promote an entrepreneurial spirit. I keep thinking I should upgrade to an electric wheel but I love the control I get with my own legs and besides, every time I'm kicking away I think of my dad fondly.

My stoneware pottery is practical and functional, yet I try to create graceful lines with each piece. I relish the earthy quality of stoneware clay but my work is lighter than much of the pottery you often find.

Workshops offered at this years lavender festival!

Our Royal Velvet plant sale to benefit the Skaneateles Historical Society was a big success.  In selling the plants we have shared our knowledge of growing lavender with those gardeners who purchased plants.
Anyone who would like additional conversation we will be offering a workshop on how to grow, harvest and prune lavender during our lavender festival at 10:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

We will also be offering a workshop on how to make lavender wands at 2:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Ribbon, lavender and materials are available for $5.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Artist, Kathy Horth appears at this year festival

I have a very patient husband, Jim, and two wonderful children, Michael, 15 and Molly, 13. I work at Oswego County BOCES and paint part time.  My husband jokes that I will paint on anything that doesn’t move! I’m trying to figure out how to work on moving objects… He is also very indulgent by stopping at yard sales; there is a lot of good “canvas” at yard sales.

I started painting nearly 20 years ago as a hobby, and now I find myself fantasizing what it would be like to paint all day. I hope to develop a website soon, and maybe a small catalog, to offer my services to a larger market.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We welcome local jewelry designer, Cindy Petters to the lavender festival.

The next artist we are highlighting is local jewelry designer, Cindy Petters from Hidden Pond Farm.  We love her Farmgirl Sass style and new gem stone Samba inspired jewelry.  Cindy has appeared in Where Women Create and CNY magazine.

Cindy and her husband, Dave are great friends.  Cindy pitched in when we needed help during last years lavender festival.  I look to her for inspiration and direction, she so "gets me".

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Finger Lakes Lavender Festival is less than a month away!

Lockwood Farm has commissioned local artist, Michelle Masters to illustrate our 2010 "Finger Lakes Lavender Festival" Poster.  We think she has captured our breathtaking view of the farm and surrounding hills.  T shirts, posters and notecards with the illustration and "Skaneateles, New York" will be on sale during the lavender festival.  Michelle will also be selling her topiary illustrations on Sunday, July 11th during the festival.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Local artist, Christy Lemp will be appearing at this years festival.

Once a week we will be highlighting one of our artists appearing at this years Finger Lakes Lavender Festival.

Local artist, Christy Lemp and I met at my friend, Cindy Petters annual Valentine's Day Tea. We got to talking about my farm and her love of painting landscapes.  Of course I invited her to spend some time on the farm to take pictures.  She came during our lavender festival last year and produce this lovely basket of lavender.

She has agreed to allow us to reproduce the illustration for our volunteers Tshirts this year.


Make sure you check out Christy's original paintings, prints and notecards.

Local watercolor artist, Christy Lemp
I have a love for the everyday sights: a neighbor's tulips, pumpkins on the porch, a gorgeous sunset, birds in the backyard, a mother snuggling her child. There is a certain energy in these moments, especially in the early morning or late afternoon light, that the transparency and looseness of watercolors really convey.  Capturing the simplicity of these fleeting impressions is my daily passion.  Life is full of goodthings.  Enjoy!
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