Sunday, July 17, 2011

2011 Finger Lakes Lavender Festival Welcomed 3000 Visitors

It’s been a week since the lavender festival and every time I sit down to blog about it I get emotional.  When you put your heart and soul into something you love, share it and see the enjoyment you can’t help but smile through a few tears.  This year’s festival welcomed over 3000 visitors and would not have been successful without the help from some very special people.

This year we have Steve Simon and Plank Road magazine to thank for co-sponsoring our event.  Without sponsors we could not keep this a free event.  This amazing magazine features our community and the life’s we live.  We were fortunate to be featured in the premier issue.  I have to smile every time I read the article about how Gary and I met and our love for farming.  We are still gaga over each other after meeting 11 years ago.

We cannot do without our wonderful volunteers.   Our ambassadors to the farm jumped right in with giving directions on how to cut lavender, identifying the different varieties and so much more.   They worked tirelessly in the field and in the parking lot.

Joelle and Alan from Joelle’s French Bistro spent 2 days making crepes nonstop and then went back to their own restaurant to cook for the evening dinner hour. 


Our artistic vendors always amaze me with their talent.  I saw a lot of paintings, pottery and other works of art going home with some of our guests.
 Love that Sassy Farmgirl jewelry!

Marilee Williams demonstrated how to spin wool.

The cooking demonstration by David Hirsch, author and chef from Moosewood Restaurant was standing room only.  His books sold out quickly and his tasting of pesto was gone in a flash.
A big thank you to Creekside Books & Coffee for furnishing Davids books and offering drinks. 

Onondaga County Cornell Cooperative Extension offered information on composting and answered questions about gardening.

I had so many wonderful questions about growing lavender and a great number of crafters mastered the art of lavender wands.

And then there is my incredible, supportive, respects my opinion, hunky husband. Who works tirelessly to keep this a sustainable farm and has held my hand for the last year in planning this event.  So many people came with the purpose of seeing him shear sheep.

 Did I say he was hunky.
 Don't get him started on talking about his love of his animals.  He'll have you here all day.

We are most proud of raising $1000 for the Skaneateles Area Food Pantry from the sale of our Royal Velvet Lavender Plants and $750 from the sale of our Finger Lakes Lavender Festival art poster by Kathleen Schneider to the Skaneateles Art Council.

We so appreciate everyone who joined us this year.  Everyone seems relaxed, took in the sights, pick some lavender, shop and I think learned something new. 
 Your never to young to pick lavender.

 Did I say relaxed.

After the festival Gary and I invited everyone who worked so hard on this event to our harvest party.  This year I had a special gift for the one who I thought worked the hardest.
My husband!

This is a portrait of Gary holding our lamb, Blanket by Kathleen Schneider.  Blanket was a big hit last year during the festival.


What a wonderful group of volunteers and artists.  We call you dear friends, old and new and love you all!  
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So another year in lavender heaven is quickly passing and I am up for planning another.  Did I say 3000 visitors this year!  Wow!  My head is spinning with new ideas but it will have to wait until I take some much needed vacation.  Again, thank you for supporting a family farm! 
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