Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meet Photographers, Benjamin Peterson and Chris Murray

Saturday, 11:00: New York Photographer, Benjamin Peterson will discuss time lapse photography to document your garden and flowers as they grow.

For the past 10 years has been working in New York City in the photography industry. After learning the basics at Rochester Institute of Technology he honed his skills under
the experts at Magnum Photos Inc. He then developed his own style and skills in post production
working for Scott Frances LLC. At Getty Images I learned how the stock photography market
worked and how to make the vision of art directors and photographers come to reality. In 2010 he
earned a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and used that
knowledge to improve his own retouching and photography business. At the same time he
immersed myself in the creation of Time Lapse footage after seeing the huge new market
opportunities for this medium. He has produced time lapses for Mercedes Benz Fashion week in
Lincoln Center, Jaguar / Land Rover, Central Park, and many more.

Benjamin will be talking about using Time Lapse photography to document your garden and flowers asth ey grow. Time lapse is a beautiful way to see your flowers grow over time and can also be a great tool for seeing how your garden is effected by the sunlight through the growing season. He will also go over the basics of taking a good picture of a flower with any type of camera from an iPhone to a high end DSLR.

·Sunday, 11:00 Join local photographer, Chris Murray and learn how to take better nature and landscape photographs. 
mmensely as an artist.
Chris has been practicing landscape photography for over fifteen years. During that time he has also worked as a geologist, earning my B.S. in geology from SUNY Plattsburgh and my Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina. He continue to work part time as a geological consultant, devoting the rest of my time to his photography.

His interest in photographing landscapes is derived mainly from his love of the natural world, the same love that led him to choose geology as a profession. For him, the appeal of photography lies in the blending of the technical and the artistic. As a scientist, he is naturally drawn to the technical aspects of photography: decisions regarding filters, shutter speed, aperture, and so on. The skills he has learned as a scientist, the attention to detail and careful observation, have also helped him immensely as an artist. 
Publications and Awards
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The Good Life, Central New York Magazine, Jan/Feb. 2010
-Image in Showcase of Images, 
Nature Photographer Magazine, Fall/Winter 2009-2010
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