Monday, May 11, 2015

Appearing this year...

The Finger Lakes Lavender Festival Committee is proud to announce the list of talented Artists and Culinary Specialists appearing at this years festival.

Terry Aksey-Cole - Art for Home & Garden
Kathy Barry - Babouska
Heather Bivens - Weathered Heather
Lauren Blair - Lauren Blair Print & Illustration
William Bullard - B Bowls
Lavender Blue
Helen Carter - Secret Lentil Clothing
Barbara Conte-Gauget - Barbara Bags
Cindy Cuykendall - Song Meadows Alpacas
Michelle DaRin - Michelle DaRin Jewelry
Jordan Dudden - JoJo Rings
Gretchen Lapp Hamlin Glassworks
Christy Lemp - Christy Lemp Watercolor Designs
Amy Fancher - Viva Sweet Love
Robbi Farschman - Lostgirl Metalworks
Kathy & Jim Horth - Winona Creek
Liz Micho - Lakeside Stained Glass Studio
Christopher Murray - Chris Murray Photograph
Karen Pardee - Serendipity Saori Studio
Debra Renfrew - Bend In The River Boutique
Matthew Rice - Finger Lakes Forge
Mary Savage - Mary's Fault
Jacques Schickel - Maryhill Clayworks
Betsy Sio - East Street Tins
Don Walker - Rag Rugs
Esther Yaloz - Planetarium

And Our Culinary Specialists
Artichoke French
Bo's Bones
Broadway Cafe' & Artic Island
Carly Bakes
The Sweet Praxis
Skaneateles Sugar Shack
Sundaes Best Hot Fudge
Wrap It Up

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